Taking turns and sharing comes naturally for some children. For others, it’s a more difficult lesson to learn. A great way to help your child learn about taking turns and sharing is to use games, puzzles or Lego blocks. Keep the turns short. For a young child, waiting for a turn can be a real challenge.

Share some projects together

Photo by Maggie Zhao

Plant a garden or if you don’t have space for that, try planting a small window garden. Chives and marigolds are easy to grow. Your child can keep them watered and watch them grow. You can check on the progress together each day and when the chives are ready, you can help you child cut some and use them to help cook dinner. Nothing makes a young child more proud than to contribute to family life. Imagine hearing your child tell everyone that they ‘grew’ dinner. Marigolds are very easy to grow and do well in pots. It’s a very exciting day when they bloom!

Paint a fence or wash the car. Choose something you can work on together without worrying too much about mess or mistakes. The point is to help your child feel good about themselves as they learn to be part of a team.

Photo by Alexandra Lucas

Show by example. Let your child see your generosity. Offer a scarf to use as a superhero cape. Share some of your jewelry for a princess’s party or to adorn a fairy.

Use the word share often. Thank you for sharing. This was fun sharing. That was great sharing!

Have fun growing and sharing!