Photo by Daria Shevstova

Remember you are your child's best teacher

Take some time right now to think about one or two things you think makes you a truly great parent. If you had to think about it too long or got caught on the words truly great, then you need to do this exercise more often. Being a great parent doesn’t involve studying all the latest and greatest parenting techniques. Sure, some of these books and articles can be informative  but they are just techniques.

So what is a great parent?

Being a great parent is about nurturing a child in the right way to ensure they grow up strong, confident, and happy. It’s not the gifts on birthdays and holidays. It’s making a meal together. It’s reading stories together. It’s listening to their jokes and wearing the earrings made out of macaroni on Mother’s Day or the glitter-painted tie on Father’s Day. These are all ways you show your child every day how much they are valued and loved. That’s the basis of all good relationships and it’s the way you teach your child how to get along.

What is the most important skill you can teach them?

Your child is going to need social skills to get along in kindergarten and in the world at large. This is the single most important thing you can teach your child. It’s more important than knowing the alphabet, how to count, or basic reading although these skills are great. If the social skills are not developed, your child may have difficulty in school.

This includes the ability to:

  • Take turns
  • Share
  • Pay attention
  • Play with other children
  • Follow a routine
  • Talk about feelings

We’re going to look at ways you can do this together so your child has a wonderful first year!