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Children need to try some activities with their hands to find out what they can do. It’s not about what something looks like when it is finished. It’s about the way your child did it. Try asking your child to tell you all about the painting rather than guessing what it might be meant to represent. Children have a different way of expressing through art and it can lead to a fascinating conversation.

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Photo by DorianaS on stock.xchng

Sand can be poured, molded, made into cakes and pies, built into towns and many more exciting things. Rice can be used indoors to pour and fill containers, make musical instruments like maracas or make rice ‘waterfalls’.

Bubbles are an old favorite and there are many adults who still enjoy playing with them. How many can you blow at once? Can you catch them with the wand? Stack them? What happens when you try and catch one on your finger?

What is your child’s most exciting discovery moment?