Life is all about choices

Let your child choose what to wear. Start with simple choices like choosing between a red shirt or a blue shirt.

Don’t worry if it isn’t exactly the outfit you would put together. Children enjoy wearing their favorite things and sometimes put them all together regardless of color and pattern.

As long as they are dressed for the weather, there’s no cause for concern. It’s their own statement and they are usually very proud of it.

Another choice they can make is which story to read – one book or another one.

Offer a choice of two different songs to hear.

Try to limit the choices to two – one or another. Too many choices for a young child are overwhelming.

Photo from Flickr/amboo who?

At lunch time, you can offer a choice of soup or sandwich. You can offer choices like a bath or a shower if you child is comfortable with both. Sometimes, being allowed to make a decision can encourage a child to try something that ordinarily he may not want to try. Make it fun, regardless of the choice.

When you offer choices, it’s very important to follow through with what you say and not offer something that can’t be delivered. For instance, if you have already tossed out an old pair of pajamas and are hoping to successfully replace them with the new pair, don’t offer a choice assuming your child will pick the new ones. Offer choices only when you can honor the decision. You would be surprised how many children would pick their old familiar jammies.

As your child makes more decisions, ask why they have chosen that particular thing. It’s a good way to share thoughts and ideas and learn more about your child and how they view the world.