Photo by Naomi Shi

If you ate lunch at school, describe the kind of things you took for lunch. Ask your child what they would like to take for lunch and go shopping for a lunch box together.

Is your school a peanut-free zone?

These days, it probably is. Check to see what the guidelines are for snacks and lunches at your school. With peanut allergies so prevalent and many children also allergic to other nuts, schools are often opting to ban all nut-containing foods. There are already record numbers of children with inhalers and now the numbers with auto-injector pens are rising. The logistics are a bit scary. That’s a lot of medication for a school to have on hand for emergencies and with food allergies, there’s no room for mistakes.

Get ready for the trashless lunch

Many schools are now following the trashless lunch and that’s a great way to get your child involved in eating healthy and caring for the environment. Trashless lunches and snacks mean no juice boxes, no prepackaged granola bars or cookies, no pudding or jello cups, no fliptop fruit tins – well, you get the picture. Sounds daunting? Not at all. It’s easy and a lot cheaper. The short video below is all about the change to trashless lunches at Franklin School. If your school isn’t yet doing this, it may be something you’d like to start. Get the kids involved, too!

Why go trashless?

  • It’s a lot cheaper for parents
  • It’s much easier on our landfills
  • Kids will eat healthier
  • Everyone working together is a great example for our kids!

There are lots of fun and inexpensive lunch boxes and your child will love picking one! This is also a good time to enlist your child’s help in the kitchen putting together healthy snacks like baby carrots and dip. To get started, have a look at some ideas below and get creative!

Panini Lunchbox
Summer Pasta Lunch
Rice and Beans Lunchbox
Fruit and Veggies Lunch